Early cancer detection


Our ambition is to distill the vast and ever increasing complexity of medical data and research into simple tools which make doctors better, smarter and more efficient, so they can focus on giving their patients the best care possible.

To make this vision a reality, PinPoint is developing a test for cancer which will cover as many different types of cancer as possible.


Early cancer detection has the capacity to save lives and reduce the cost of treatment


Our vision is that in future most cancer patients will be cured without experiencing any of the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of treatment.

The PinPoint Test will use an innovative machine learning approach to combine information from multiple cancer biomarkers and patient information into a single, cost-effective test.  This more complete picture of the underlying cancer biology will give doctors, in primary and secondary care, a decision support tool to easily identify those patients who should be referred to specialists for cancer diagnosis and those who can safely be sent home.  

Pinpoint technology will reduce the number of unnecessary, invasive and costly investigative procedures currently burdening GPs, hospitals and patients.

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Dr Nigel Sansom,PhD,MBA

Originally trained in molecular pathology, Nigel has over twenty years of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare experience, having held senior level roles with AstraZeneca, Novartis, Intergen Inc., academia, and the NHS.

As a member of the core team that originally set up the NHS National Innovation Centre, Nigel has developed an international reputation for his involvement in innovation and the commercial development of medical technology and diagnostics.


Chief Executive Officer

Giles tully

Giles Tully is an entrepreneur and angel investor with business interests ranging from industrial agriculture to viral marketing, music and film, FinTech, fundraising and crowdfunding. Having spent a decade in Beijing he is fluent in mandarin Chinese and is used to working with both major brands and startups.

Inspired by his friend Dr. Savage‚Äôs scientific passion and the chance to make a difference Giles joined as CFO in 2016 and then took over as CEO in 2017. Since then he has built the team, established essential partnerships and R&D pipelines, raised seed funds and secured  grants, putting the company in a strong position to grow rapidly in 2019.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Richard Savage
BA(Hons), MSCi, PhD

Dr Rich Savage is a world-class expert in machine learning and its application to important problems in healthcare. An ex-astrophysicist, Rich has created data analysis pipelines for space telescopes, measured the age of the universe using the light from the Big Bang, and helped build a telescope on the side of a volcano. For the past decade, he has used these techniques to develop statistical modelling approaches for complex high-dimensional biomedical data types, and the translation of those methods into clinical practice.